Things I Read This Week: January 27, 2017

chilaquiles-fritatta-2-640x640(via Joy the Baker)

How was your week? I had a great time blogging for #BellLetsTalk day on Wednesday, but I also feel so tired from the general tone of the news this week. It would help if my gym could avoid playing the Republican retreat speech in full while I’m trying to exercise. Here’s what I’ve been reading:

Jezebel – Interview With a Woman Who Recently Had an Abortion at 32 Weeks
With everything that’s happening in the U.S. right now, my mind keeps turning back to this article, as well as this interview with Dr. Susan Robinson. And if you haven’t seen After Tiller, it’s worth your time. It’s available on PBS if you’re in the U.S., or on YouTube if you’re not.

New York Magazine – Watch: A Massive $2.2 Billion Dome Now Covers the Chernobyl Reactor

Vulture – Archie’s Long, Dark Journey to Riverdale
Can’t wait to watch last night’s premiere!

Gizmodo – An Oral History of Homestar Runner, the Internet’s Favorite Cartoon
My sister sent me this article earlier this week and I am having early 2000s nostalgia pangs like nobody’s business, which I feel probably says a lot about me.

Joy The Baker – Chilaquiles Frittata Bake
Say whaaat? P.S. if you’re coming to my house to watch the Super Bowl next weekend, I plan to make this frittata (pictured above), so bring your appetite.