Things I Read This Week: February 3, 2017

lemonpepperwings(via The Kitchn)

How was your week? I think there’s football on this weekend. Oh, and I think Beyoncé had some news. Here’s what I’ve been reading:

The Kitchn – Lemon Pepper Wings
These are on our Super Bowl menu in honour of Gucci Mane, #1 Atlanta fan and lemon enthusiast, who sported a gold Santa Claus chain and cartoon bunny sweater art the last Falcons game and will no doubt be wearing something amazing at the Super Bowl this weekend.

Toronto Life –  The Suicide Bomber Next Door
A closer look at Aaron Driver, who was all over the news last August and then seemingly disappeared from public consciousness. This is sad and scary and necessary reading for anyone still posting #MeanwhileInCanada memes as a reaction to what’s been happening elsewhere in the world.

Vanity Fair – How Author Timothy Tyson Found the Woman at the Center of the Emmett Till Case
I’m looking forward to getting Tyson’s book from the library very shortly.

Food & Wine – Go Behind the Scenes as Fortune Cookie History Gets Made
I can’t believe that the outgoing fortune writer at Wonton Food wrote 100 fortunes a year for three decades. How many ways can you say “Success will come to you soon” before it starts to lose its sincerity?

Torontoist – Kyle Lowry Thinks Donald Trump’s Travel Ban is Bullshit
Tell ’em, Kyle.