Dispatches From Home: Day 2

Today is Sunday, day 2 of our voluntary stay-at-home-ness, though I’ve been home since Thursday afternoon, so this is technically day 3.5. But who’s counting? (Haha.)

I’ve now watched several videos of Italians on their balconies singing together from across piazzas. (My favourite was this performance of Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money.”) Our balcony looks out over a thicket of trees and, beyond it, Eglinton Avenue, where there are barely any cars on the road. I can’t see a single other person from here. Note to self: teach Adrian some Rihanna songs.

Instead of asking ourselves what we’d like to do today, we’re wondering what we can do today. I wrote my grandma a long email after seeing on the news that Quebec has asked every person over the age of 70 not to leave their homes at all. My grandma, who lives in an apartment in Montreal, is 99 and a half (!!!), so I spent a couple of hours drinking coffee and sorting through photos to include with my message. Here are a few of the shots I emailed over:

Photo 2020-03-15, 12 14 49 PM.jpg
With my grandma and sister in 1988
Photo 2020-03-15, 12 13 45 PM.jpg
With my grandparents & my older brother in 1986
Photo 2020-03-15, 12 15 34 PM.jpg
Graduating from high school in 2002

We went for a quick walk around the block today, touching nothing, approaching no one. On the sidewalk, we saw a few people out with their dogs. The park across the street, which we avoided, was jam-packed full of kids playing basketball. The grocery store parking lot was full. We hurried home.

Here’s what I’ve read or watched today:

“Can I Sub This For That?”: An Almost Comprehensive Answer (Bon Appétit)

Learning to correctly sub ingredients is an important skill at any time, but particularly during this time.

Coronavirus Risk Doesn’t Stop at Your Front Door (The Atlantic)

It is relatively easy to avoid large gatherings and not shake hands with or hug strangers; it is another thing entirely to not hug our families, pick up our children, kiss our spouse first thing in the morning. To notice and eliminate all the small and nearly invisible touches with the people with whom we are closest is as difficult as not touching one’s own face.

Sourdough Bread | Basics with Babish feat. Joshua Weissman (YouTube)

Let’s all make sourdough starters and bake bread together and stay inside and be happy.

The Korean clusters: How coronavirus cases exploded in South Korean churches and hospitals (Reuters)

Don’t be patient 31.