Dispatches From Home: Day 3, Part 2

Three years ago this month, we went to Syracuse to watch college basketball. It was before I got my job. (Well, my old job.) It was really fun and I look forward to going back to Heid’s of Liverpool for hot dogs when we can travel freely again.

This was a long time ago.

I watched Justin Trudeau’s press conference. It was rumoured that he would announce mandatory bar and restaurant closures today, which didn’t happen. I’m surprised — we’re literally watching this play out in real time all around the world. The longer we wait, the longer this will take, and the worse it’ll be.

I just looked outside and realized that it’s raining. I had no idea.

I spent a lot of time on the phone or FaceTiming with friends today (hi, friends!). It was so nice and I look forward to more conversations this week, but I’m exhausted now. The future feels particularly impossible to divine at this moment, so talking about it at length feels difficult. Then I made butter garlic shrimp with rice and sautéed spinach for dinner and drank half a bottle of wine with my meal. I’m tired.

Here’s a couple of videos that made me happy today:

Dan Mangan – #Quarantunes #ShowToNobody

Dan Mangan had to postpone one of his shows at the Danforth Music Hall last week, but he played a show to nobody. “So Much For Everyone” is a good song for these times.

DJ Snake – CORONAVIRUS (Cardi B Remix)

A certified banger.