Dispatches From Home: Day 5

Apparently I’ve been practicing social distancing since forever.

This morning Canada and the United States agreed to close the border to all non-essential travellers, and Justin Trudeau advised all Canadians to stay home unless absolutely necessary. Stop needlessly leaving the house.

I feel angry today. I could see lots of cars on the road from our living room window this afternoon. I don’t know where they were headed or for what purpose, but I sat stewing on my couch for ages. Why are you outside? More importantly, why are you outside while I have to be inside?

I did a few house projects today, which I’ll write about tomorrow when I’m in a better mood, but for now I’m just mad. So that’s it. That’s the whole update.

I hope your day was better than mine. Please, tell me how you’re keeping busy and what you’ve been watching or listening to this week: @sarahisrael