Dispatches From Home: Day 6

There are fewer cars on the road today. The world seems quiet. Yesterday’s anger has subsided, as I knew it would. I don’t have enough energy to sustain big feelings right now.

can you believe my grandma is about to turn 98? and that everyone else in this photo is my sibling? #familyreunion2018.jpg
Don’t stand so close to me.

I miss everybody. I spent the evening on Google Hangouts with a bunch of people I used to work with, and it makes me sad that we all have to be apart, and that we won’t all be back together even when this ends.

The time goes by. I did some projects around the house yesterday and today: putting up lights under the kitchen cabinets, assembling a new kitchen island. My GoPro came, but now I have to wait for the SD card to arrive. I cleaned the bathroom. We exercised. I cooked and ate good meals. I felt okay, but then someone told me this might go on for months and I got sad again.

Adrian and I took a late-night walk around the neighbourhood. No one was out except for a crew of workers installing underground cabling and the two geese who call the Staples parking lot home. It’s so strange to be outdoors; the world looks the same, but everything is different. The world I’m seeing on the news doesn’t seem like the same world I’m seeing as we slowly make our way down the sidewalk. It’s difficult to comprehend.

I called my sister and we laughed about the #ButtholeCut for a while. I’m going to bed now. Tomorrow’s another day.