Things I Read This Week: March 3, 2017

How was your week? This post is up bright and early because we’re going on a mini-road trip to Syracuse today to watch some sports and hang out for the weekend. I have a lengthy list of bars and coffee shops to try and I am READY. Here’s what I’ve been reading:

The Kitchn – 17 Favorite Trader Joe’s Products That Our Readers Love
“What do you want to do in Syracuse when we’re not watching sports?” “Trader Joe’s.” “And?” “Target.” “And?” “Any place they sell craft beers.” It’s going to be a great weekend. If you have any Trader Joe’s must-buys, leave them in the comments below!

Food & Wine – Around the World in 17 Breakfast Sandwiches
Your plans for the weekend should involve a croque-madame, a French classic that involves ham, cheese, egg, bread, and tons of butter. There’s no better Saturday morning meal!

Bon Appetit – What It’s Like to Be Rihanna’s Personal Chef
Doesn’t this job sound amazing and also extremely scary? What if Rihanna didn’t like my croque-madame? But it seems like Debbie Solomon is killing it: “That [certain and elegant] demeanor is likely one of the reasons Solomon has been so successful at her wildly unpredictable job: She gets what the perks are, but she understands the stakes, too.”

Fortune – Meet the Only Woman Who Knows the Oscar Winners Before You Do
I read this article on Sunday morning, a few hours before the Oscars. I thought it was interesting to know more about how the results are administered, but I never thought this background information would become so relevant. YIKES. To echo a million thought pieces on the subject: Moonlight deserved better.

The Atlantic – How Will History Remember Your Lifetime?
This is cool. Apparently, I’ve never lived in a world without Macintosh computers; I became a teenager the same year Can’t Hardly Wait was released; and at this moment, my life can be divided into two halves: before and after the International Space Station. #thisis31

Things I Read This Week: February 24, 2017
(via My Name is Yeh)

How was your week? The Oscars are this Sunday and the only 2017 major category nominee I’ve seen is Zootopia, so that’s the kind of year I’m having. Yikes! Don’t tell the university that granted me a film degree. Here’s what I’ve been reading:

The Atlantic – Is It Okay to Enjoy the Warm Winters of Climate Change?
Yesterday was the hottest February day ever recorded in Toronto, and I celebrated by walking around all afternoon in a t-shirt. Everyone I spoke to went on about how amazing the heat was, and it was hard to disagree, but … I don’t know. I need Neil deGrasse Tyson’s opinion on this.

My Name Is Yeh – Winter Farm Scenes
The picture above gives me major kitchen organization envy. In related news, I recently got a label maker, so my weekend plans are all sorted …

Eater – Pastry, Pizza, Bread: Recapping Nancy Silverton’s Obsessions on Netflix’s Chef’s Table
Nancy Silverton’s episode was my favourite part of the third season of Chef’s Table. She is amazing, and I need to eat all that bread and cheese immediately. (Also, Nancy liked my tweet gushing about this episode, so we’re best friends now.) Booking a flight to L.A. immediately!

Harvard Business Review – To Achieve a Major Goal, First Tackle a Few Small Ones
I recently started a bullet journal to keep track of my day-to-day life and help me tackle some long-term goals (a February accountability post is coming soon!). Good advice for those of us who struggle with how or where to start.

Indie88 – Best Music Moments From The O.C.
The final episode of The O.C. aired ten years ago, on February 22, 2007. Does anyone else feel extremely old right now?

Things I Read This Week: February 17, 2017


How was your week? Monday is a holiday and the new season of Chef’s Table is out on Netflix, so I’m looking forward to a long weekend spent planning lavish food-themed international vacations (a girl can dream, right?). Here’s what I’ve been reading:

Food & Wine – Michelle Obama and Martha Stewart Will Appear on MasterChef Junior
Ooh, this season is going to be good!

Science of Us – Psychologists Explain Why Ikea Is a Relationship Death-Trap
Forget the actual trip to Ikea — where any arguing can be placated with a well-timed trip to the hot dog stand — it’s assembling the furniture that always seems to bring out the worst in me. My brain just doesn’t seem to work that way.

The Atlantic – What Mirrors Tell Us About Animal Minds
“Are eagles intelligent enough to recognize their own reflections?” Also: #notallcorvids.

Vulture – Rap Is Less Homophobic Than Ever, But It Has a Long Way to Go
“To be a rap fan that identifies as anything other than male and straight is to wade against a current pushing back at your very being, to be constantly driven by your heart to decisions your mind ought to reject.”

Ask Polly – I Got Sick, Dumped, and Fired. What Now?
“No one is watching you closely. No clock is ticking down. True emancipation means escaping the ravages of ego, escaping that second-to-second hunger and confusion that an insatiable ego entails. Emancipation means having the power to say: I am what I am, for better or for worse. This is me. I am here.”

(Pictured above: I recently made Smitten Kitchen’s dark chocolate tart with gingersnap crust and it was every bit as good as it looked. I sprinkled the top with Maldon salt prior to baking, which was a good decision. You could also easily make the crust with graham crackers if gingersnaps aren’t your thing.)

Things I Read This Week: February 10, 2017

(via The Kitchn)

How was your week? The Super Bowl was a nacho-fueled roller coaster of emotion — Lady Gaga jumped off a roof, the Stranger Things season 2 teaser had me cancelling my plans for next Halloween, and the Patriots engineered an unbelievable comeback that is probably already being made into a movie starring Matt Damon as Tom Brady. Here’s what I’ve been reading:

The Kitchn – Steak with Drunken Mushrooms & Roasted Blue Cheese Potatoes
We’re staying in on Valentine’s Day and making this recipe for dinner instead of settling for a prix fixe menu that never seems to include the dessert I actually want to order. I feel good about this decision.

New York Magazine – Barack Obama on Five Days That Shaped a Presidency
An oldie but goodie. I keep going back to this article because the contrast between the former President Obama’s remarks on the economy and healthcare and the current administration’s stance on just about everything defies explanation. Barack, we miss you. I hope your kitesurfing vacation is treating you well. York Times – Love and Black Lives, in Pictures Found on a Brooklyn Street
“When I returned to Lincoln Place a few days later with the whole album, Mr. Burton and his wife, Lenore, were doing a puzzle at a card table. ‘You say you just found this album on the street?’ she asked, laughing. ‘I wouldn’t touch it. I’m amazed you would touch it.'” Would you have picked up this album?

Exclaim! – The Silver Dollar Still Facing a Very Uncertain Future, Despite Recent Reports
Between a number of smaller venues announcing closures in the past few months and others (Sound Academy, Molson Amphitheatre) changing their names in an attempt to revitalize attendance, something worrisome is happening to the Toronto music scene right now.

Tish Murtha, © Ella Murtha, All rights reserved

Metro – Tish Murta’s Powerful Photo Series Captures Unemployed Youths of Thatcher’s Britain
“Unemployment and all its associated deprivations are not only getting worse, but new technologies threaten to make the situation permanent. Behind empty pathetic talk of increased leisure opportunities and freedom from repetitive labour, stands the spectre of enforced idleness, wasted resources and the squandering of a whole generation of human potential. This is vandalism on a grand scale.” Tish Murta wrote this in 1981. Oof.

Things I Read This Week: February 3, 2017

lemonpepperwings(via The Kitchn)

How was your week? I think there’s football on this weekend. Oh, and I think Beyoncé had some news. Here’s what I’ve been reading:

The Kitchn – Lemon Pepper Wings
These are on our Super Bowl menu in honour of Gucci Mane, #1 Atlanta fan and lemon enthusiast, who sported a gold Santa Claus chain and cartoon bunny sweater art the last Falcons game and will no doubt be wearing something amazing at the Super Bowl this weekend.

Toronto Life –  The Suicide Bomber Next Door
A closer look at Aaron Driver, who was all over the news last August and then seemingly disappeared from public consciousness. This is sad and scary and necessary reading for anyone still posting #MeanwhileInCanada memes as a reaction to what’s been happening elsewhere in the world.

Vanity Fair – How Author Timothy Tyson Found the Woman at the Center of the Emmett Till Case
I’m looking forward to getting Tyson’s book from the library very shortly.

Food & Wine – Go Behind the Scenes as Fortune Cookie History Gets Made
I can’t believe that the outgoing fortune writer at Wonton Food wrote 100 fortunes a year for three decades. How many ways can you say “Success will come to you soon” before it starts to lose its sincerity?

Torontoist – Kyle Lowry Thinks Donald Trump’s Travel Ban is Bullshit
Tell ’em, Kyle.

Things I Read This Week: January 27, 2017

chilaquiles-fritatta-2-640x640(via Joy the Baker)

How was your week? I had a great time blogging for #BellLetsTalk day on Wednesday, but I also feel so tired from the general tone of the news this week. It would help if my gym could avoid playing the Republican retreat speech in full while I’m trying to exercise. Here’s what I’ve been reading:

Jezebel – Interview With a Woman Who Recently Had an Abortion at 32 Weeks
With everything that’s happening in the U.S. right now, my mind keeps turning back to this article, as well as this interview with Dr. Susan Robinson. And if you haven’t seen After Tiller, it’s worth your time. It’s available on PBS if you’re in the U.S., or on YouTube if you’re not.

New York Magazine – Watch: A Massive $2.2 Billion Dome Now Covers the Chernobyl Reactor

Vulture – Archie’s Long, Dark Journey to Riverdale
Can’t wait to watch last night’s premiere!

Gizmodo – An Oral History of Homestar Runner, the Internet’s Favorite Cartoon
My sister sent me this article earlier this week and I am having early 2000s nostalgia pangs like nobody’s business, which I feel probably says a lot about me.

Joy The Baker – Chilaquiles Frittata Bake
Say whaaat? P.S. if you’re coming to my house to watch the Super Bowl next weekend, I plan to make this frittata (pictured above), so bring your appetite.

Things I Read This Week: January 20, 2017

salted-chocolate-chunk-cookies1(via Smitten Kitchen)

How are you doing? I can’t pretend that this is a great day — the U.S. presidential inauguration has been on in the background (on mute) all afternoon, and … it’s real, guys. This is happening. Here’s what I’ve been reading:

Smitten Kitchen – Salted Chocolate Chunk Cookies
First things first: making a much-needed batch of these cookies to I have something to snack on while reading the news today and through the weekend.

New York Magazine – The Complicated, Controversial, Historic, Inspiring Women’s March
Linda Sarsour, a Palestinian-American Muslim activist who is one of the March’s four national co-chairs, makes a great statement in this interview: “As women of color who came into this effort, we came in not only to mobilize and organize but also to educate, to argue that we can’t talk about women’s rights, about reproductive rights, about equal pay, without also talking about race and class.” This is so important to remember. As a white girl who grew in the suburbs with limited exposure to other races, classes, and creeds, I have been working hard to broaden my understanding of feminism and make sure that the feminism I practice is inclusive. It’s hard work, and sometimes I make mistakes, but I’m learning every day. I hope the turnout tomorrow in Washington and elsewhere is MASSIVE. Let’s make some noise.

If you’re heading to Queen’s Park for the Toronto march tomorrow, don’t forget that there will be no subway service between Downsview and St George stations. Shuttle buses will not be running either, so plan accordingly.

Vulture – Billy Eichner Is Trying to Talk to You
Such an honest and interesting interview. “For me, [coming out] was a no-brainer. My personal life is too important to me and it informs too much of my work for me to have ever considered making any other decision.”

Fast Company – How Employee Burnout Became An Epidemic And What It Might Take To Fix It
On the heels of Chatelaine’s survey results announcement last week, I’ve been thinking a lot about the causes and consequences of burnout. According to Chatelaine’s findings, 16% of Canadian women ages 35-45 fantasize about quitting their jobs every day. It’s hard to pinpoint a culprit — is it office culture? Workload? Compensation? Bad bosses or toxic coworkers? The women in my own life seem to agree that it’s

Glamour – These Never-Before-Seen Pics of President Obama Playing in the Snow Will Melt Your Heart
I really hope Pete Souza is working on a book.

Things I Read This Week: January 13, 2017

kitchenrefresh(via Apartment Therapy)

How was your week? I’m volunteering for the 2017 WedLuxe Show this weekend, and I’m so excited for this brief return to event life. Here’s what I’ve been reading:

NPR – In A Surprise Send-Off, Obama Awards Biden Presidential Medal Of Freedom
This is wonderful.

The New Yorker – The Rise of Emo Nostalgia
“[Emo nights] are oddly specific celebrations of near-term nostalgia in which music made to help teen-agers flail their way to adulthood provides an opportunity for adults to succumb to the histrionics of teendom again.” I … need to go to one of these events. Hell, I need to run one. (Update: Homesick Emo Night at Sneaky Dee’s in Toronto, here I come.)

Torentino’s article also refers to Jessica Hopper’s consideration of gender in the emo scene, originally published in Punk Planet in 2003 and republished in Rookie Mag in 2015. It’s worth reading (or rereading): Where The Girls Aren’t.

Canadian Business – Half of Canadian women regularly fantasize about quitting their jobs
Not a great stat. And even worse: 16% of Canadian women age 35-45 fantasize about leaving their jobs every day. I’ve been there, and it’s awful. What can we do about this?

The Walrus – Running the Road to Nowhere
The “End of Road to Nowhere” Google Maps search often ends up in Screenshots of Despair round-ups of the saddest-sounding locations (other Canadian highlights include Devastation Island in B.C., Pain Lake in Ontario, and Destruction Bay in the Yukon — yikes). I never really stopped to consider the possibility that the Road to Knowhere is a real place that plays a role in people’s daily lives. On a search for more about life in Nunavut, I came across this blog, and I’ve been reading the back entries obsessively all morning.

Apartment Therapy – A Realistic Kitchen Refresh: The Inside/Out Cleaning Plan
I plan to tackle this assignment on Monday, since I’ll be too busy to do this over the weekend. Organizing our kitchen has been a four year-long struggle for me, and I get the feeling that we’ll probably end up moving just as soon as I finally figure it out. Anyone else following the AT January Cure?

Things I Read This Week: January 6, 2017

magiccookiebars(via Food52)

Happy New Year! It’s good to be back. My house guests are gone, the holiday decorations are put away, and it feels like I need a week-long nap to recover from the festivities. Here’s what I’ve been reading:

Food52 – Magic Cookie Bars
I can’t resist ordering this dessert when I see it on a menu. Also known as Hello Dolly bars, these cookie bars are easily customized and great for parties … you know, if you’re not tired of those yet.

The Atlantic – TV Shows to Look Forward to in 2017 (So Far)
I’m really looking forward to Riverdale (with Luke Perry!), The Good Fight (a spin-off of The Good Wife that follows Christine Baranski’s character, Diane Lockhart — honestly, what the show should have been about in the first place), and Crashing. Now let us pray that Please Like Me gets renewed for a fifth season soon, because I need more!

Apartment Therapy – How Not To Let Gloomy Days Bring You Down
Some good advice for a tough, grey, cold time of year.

Fast Company – 10 Ways to Be a Better Employee in 2017
I don’t necessarily believe in setting New Year’s resolutions, but I do believe in trying to be a better friend/partner/employee/human being from one year to the next. This list has some good insights on how to tackle the work front. And if you have some resolutions you’re hoping to keep, read this, too: 5 Ideas You Need to Hear (And Hear Again) to Stick to Your 2017 Resolutions.

Coachella 2017 Lineup: Radiohead, Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar Headline
Can we talk about how Beyoncé is only the third woman ever to headline Coachella, and the first black woman ever to do so? Yikes. Obviously, Coachella isn’t the only festival with a gender parity issue, but seeing as Coachella’s line-up has a huge influence on who we hear on the radio and see in concert for the rest of the year, it’s a big deal. I can think of a number of other female artists who would make a great choice if Beyoncé isn’t free to headline every year — I think Drake can probably get you Rihanna’s number. (Also … road trip?)

Things I Read This Week: December 23, 2016

2016-12-19 12.13.18.jpg(via Glamour)

How was your week? Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and I’m really looking forward to a few family traditions — in true French-Canadian fashion, we have dinner at midnight, followed by opening presents until the wee hours. Exhausting, but so fun! Here’s what I’ve been reading:

Glamour – Gwen Stefani: “I Feel Like I Got Woken up This Year”
I bought the print version of Glamour’s December 2016 issue so I could read this feature on Gwen Stefani. She says, “Sometimes to be woken up again in life, you need to go through some really bad, hard times. I feel like I got woken up this year.” Preach, Gwen. I can’t wait for 2017.

The Washington Post – The secret life of cemeteries: Go for a stroll, meet your book club, visit the dead
My parents recently moved to a small town of about a thousand residents and a truly beautiful cemetery. No one we know is buried here, but I was drawn to how pretty it looked and had a nice stroll through the grounds when I last visited in October. I admit that I didn’t really think I was allowed to walk through as one would cross a park — I worried that someone might run out of a neighboring house and yell at me for doing so — but I’m glad I did. I liked this article, too. “It’s easy to forget that cemeteries were made for the living.”

The old town cemetery, across the street from the new town cemetery.

Here are three of my favourite stories from the Bloomberg 2016 Jealousy List:

GQ – Kim Kardashian West on Kanye and Taylor Swift, What’s in O.J.’s Bag, and Understanding Caitlyn
At the time that she invited me to touch the upper-left quadrant of her left breast, I was merely an unkempt person Kim Kardashian West had met one time. And yet, on just our second short meeting, I felt comfortable enough to ask her to “please describe what your boobs feel like.” That’s how we got here.

The New York Times – Swim. Bike. Cheat?
What motivates athletes who seem to cheat systemically, with forethought and planning, rather than, say, indulging in one-off opportunistic lapses? How can they justify it to themselves? And how, exactly, did they pull it off?

Eater – Twilight of the Four Seasons
In the beginning, there were beefsteak tomatoes carved tableside and French woodcock flamed in Cognac and Dover sole and the extravagantly titled “YOUNGEST CARROTS in Butter”; in 1995, Buffalo steaks and Olympia oysters and Chinese egg rolls and French terrines and Dover sole and whole duck for two; the 2016 menu boasted tuna carpaccio and asparagus agnolotti and Dover sole, still. Forty dollars bought dinner for two, once; seventy-five today buys a diner a single bison filet. But the food was never the point.

And here are a few of my favourites from Saveur’s equivalent list:

Washington Post – The sinister, secret history of a food that everybody loves
Spoiler alert: this is a deeply nerdy history of the potato, and it’s fantastic.


Politico – Michelle Obama sets her garden in stone
Pictured above: Michelle Obama, boss lady gardener, worthy of a million muscle arm emojis.