Five Pie Recipes to Try on Pi Day

It’s March 14th, aka 3/14 or 3.14, and you know that that means — Pi Day! Seeing as so much of the East Coast is housebound due to a blizzard, it’s a great day to tackle a pie project, because pie is a) delicious, and b) a great way to pass the time when you’re stuck indoors. I’ve rounded up a few of my favourite savoury and sweet pie recipes, most of which can be made using pantry ingredients and won’t require a trip to the grocery store:

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Slow Cooker Chicken Burrito Bowls


Confession time: if left to my own devices, I would eat burrito bowls every day of the week. There’s just something about the combination of flavours and textures that you get from a burrito bowl that keeps me coming back. Besides, I always make sure to load it up with lots of vegetables, so I don’t feel too badly about all the sour cream and cheese.

I love any excuse to pull out my slow cooker and have it do the work for me. This is a great meal prep recipe to tackle on the weekend and enjoy all week. You can use this chicken in a variety of ways — stirred into pastas, added to salads or sandwiches, or whatever you prefer. What I prefer is a burrito bowl heaped high with toppings that makes lunchtime more exciting, so here’s how to make that: Continue reading “Slow Cooker Chicken Burrito Bowls”

Squash Soup for the Shortest Day of the Year


December feels like it has flown by. I’m leaving town for the holidays tomorrow morning and there’s still so much to do — baking, packing, and assorted errands that somehow get edited out of Christmas movie montages, like getting new keys cut or going to the dentist. (That scene didn’t make it into The Holiday, for some reason …)

It’s also freezing in Toronto, which adds a layer of complication to running errands. I keep arriving home covered in slush and frozen to the core, and I have a craving for soup that cannot be denied. I’m also trying to use up all the food in the house before I leave, so I set out to make a version of my mom’s Thanksgiving squash soup that would use up all my orange vegetables and up my vitamin count before I spend a week in a house with ten other people.

I was not disappointed by the resulting soup. It requires some prep work, but the end result is so worth it. It’s so easy, keeps well, and reheats like a dream. You can freeze leftovers, if you have any, and eat soup anytime you like. Besides, it’ll be dark out by 4pm today. What else are you going to do? Continue reading “Squash Soup for the Shortest Day of the Year”

What To Eat When You’re Too Tired To Eat


That shouldn’t really say “what’s for dinner.” It should say “what’s for every single meal today, and probably tomorrow, and let’s be honest, probably the next day.”

We eat eggs a lot in our house. They’re inexpensive and you can cook them in lots of different ways. And — most importantly, I think — it’s an easy choice when you’re tired or your mental health isn’t great and you know you need to eat something healthy and filling but everything seems like too much effort. Behold, then, the seven-minute egg. Continue reading “What To Eat When You’re Too Tired To Eat”

Take a Sick Day and Make Congee

Even if you are sick, even if you are in a pit of despair, even if you were woken up at 7am by the builders working on the neighbor’s roof, I promise you this: you can make congee.


Congee is a rice porridge popular across Asia. I first had it several years ago when, laid up with the flu, I implored my boyfriend to get me something to eat. He combined what looked like not enough rice and way too much water in a pot, and an hour later I was eating the most delicious, warm, filling sick food I’d ever had.

Since then, we’ve had congee with his family at dim sum many times. It comes in many varieties: plain, of course, but also infused with meat, fish, or seafood, and topped with grated ginger, cilantro, and green onion. I love ordering it in a restaurant, because you can also ask for a side of youtiao, or “congee donuts,” deep-fried sticks of dough meant for dipping into the congee. For health purposes, of course.

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